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Clean Agent Suppression > FM200system(ECS)
Clean Agent Suppression > FM200system(ECS)
Brand : KIDDE
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Product description:

Kidde FM-200 systems are used to suppress fires in spe-

cific hazards or equipment located where an electrically non-

conductive agent is required, where agent cleanup creates

a problem, where extinguishing capability with low weight

is a factor and where the hazard is normally occupied by

personnel. Kidde FM-200 systems are intended to protect

the following:

   Data processing facilities

   Telecommunications facilities

   Process control rooms

   High value medical facilities

   High value industrial equipment areas

   Libraries, museums, art galleries

   Anechoic chambers

   Flammable liquid storage areas

FM-200 systems are designed for the following classes of fire:

   Class A Surface Type Fires; Wood or other cellulose-

   type material

   Class B; Flammable liquids

   Class C; Energized electrical equipment