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Filters/Canisters/Cartridges > 40mm Filters
Filters/Canisters/Cartridges > 40mm Filters
Brand : SCOTT
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designed  to  protect  first  responders  and  clandestine  lab

investigators   in   non-idlh   conditions   against   nuclear

particulates,  toxic  or  biological  particulates,  as  well  as

chemical vapors, gases and mists/aerosols and tear gas.

enforcement cartridge, P100 and mPc Plus cartridge

• enforcement cartridge protects against nbc agents such as

sarin, dmmp, cyanogen chloride and anthrax as well as

tear gas, phosphine, chlorine and all particulate aerosols

• p100 cartridge is ideal for training purposes and protects

against biological and radiological agents such as anthrax

and all particulate aerosols

• 40mm nato threaded connection for gas masks

• exceeds c2a1 mil-spec performance

• easy open sealed packaging with canister plugs to eliminate

offgassing on enforcement cartridge

• 10-year shelf life

• for use with scott’s av-2000 and av-3000 full facepiece,

powered air-purifying respirators and gas masks